Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Do all women question their sexuality?

In the past week, two guys asked me if I was a lesbian. They did not catch me oogling the breasts of another woman or going down on one, however after talking so freely and openly they wondered if I batted for the other team. By me saying 'I would become a lesbian for her' does not mean I actually would. (Apart from Sofia Vergara and Adriana Lima, I full on would!)

I can safely say that I do not bat for the other team though. Personally, I do love a good penis. But, I can understand why some women would chose to like other women. A woman knows what she wants in life, unlike most men. A woman knows the way she likes to be kissed, to be touched. A lot of the time, we meet men who do not know the 'right way to handle us.'

I personally think there is nothing wrong with admiring someone of the same sex or saying you think someone is attractive. The amount of times girls will look at another girl on TV or a film and admire their looks. How many girls have looked at lingerie shots of Kelly Brook and thought "wow she is hot!?" I know I have. Or Nicole Scherzinger dancing in one of her music videos with rain pouring onto her slim and toned body and thinking naughty things. I can guarentee more than half of the girls reading this will have thought those kind of thoughts.

In a study carried out by Boise State University, they found that out of a group of 484 heterosexual women, 60 per cent were sexually attracted to other women; 45 per cent had kissed a woman and 50 per cent had fantasies about the same sex.
Other data suggests upwards of 20 per cent of women are attracted to other women. It's claimed this could be linked to the natural affection women show towards one another when they socialise, from chatting on the phone for hours to snuggling during chick flicks.

I think that most women are naturally bi-curious when it comes to sex. I won't lie, I have had the odd snog with a female friend, or a touch here and there, reason being wanting to experience new things and explore different parts of your sexuality. So it came to a point where I wondered if it was girls instead of guys that I liked. I would watch porn to see if seeing girls naked was for me. As soon as the guy walked into the scene, I knew I was way more turned on by the hard, pulsating cock gracing my screen than the less than attractive bird fingering herself.

I do also think it is something most women will question at some point in their life.
Take Lindsay Lohan for example. Actress/ popstar/ lesbian/ Non lesbian/ Jailbird etc. She had boyfriends as shown in the media and then one day was linked to Samantha Ronson, a known lesbian. Next thing, Lindsay and Sam are dating. Then. before you know it, her and Sam break up and some guy sells a story that Linds noshed him off and she admits she likes guys. So was it just a phase? Was it an attention thing? Is it something that is always in you and you need to experience it to let it out or realise the truness of it all?
Why did Madonna and Britney feel the need to share a snog on stage for the world to see? Do they both have an inner lesbian waiting to come out or was it just to put on a good show?

Like I said, I realised it wasn't for me after a sesh with a porno, but after new pictures emerged of David Beckhams underwear line for Armani and after making a mess in my knix, it is confirmed for me, M.E.N all the way :)

For my generation it has become something of the norm and not something people need to be ashamed of like it was back in the day for example when my grandmother was a teenager. If you told your parent you were gay, you were sent to a priest to be 'un-gayed.'
Now days, there are support groups, websites, and even places like Gay Pride where you can be the real you and not need to be ashamed.

All I can say is go out, have fun, experience new things, new people and make your own mind up. Only you can do that for yourself, no one else.

I would lovd to hear some of your opinions/experiences.
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