Saturday, January 7, 2012


My father loves gardening and growing vegetables.
Now he grows Chinese cabbages(=Hakusai), white radishes(=Daikon), leeks(=Negi), carrots and spinach.
He grows a variety of vegetables depending on seasons.

Then my sister and I are in charge of cooking!

Leeks and spinach!
He just pulled them out of soil and brought back home yesterday.

I boiled spinach, cut them and squeezed them.

When we eat, we put shaved dried-bonito(=Katsuobushi) on top and pour soy sauce.
We can put them in miso soup too.
If some are left, I cook them with ham and egg next day.

Slices of pork, rough-minced leeks and an egg are piled up and seasoned with salt and pepper.
Put a lid on and wait.

Cook the other side and finish!
We pour soy sauce if we need more flavour.

I love to use vegetables grown in local and by people I know.
I'll indtrodule more Japanese(?) food!!