Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My home or yours?

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Now I know I usually write about love and life and helping people with their problems etc but the blog is called love, life and EVERYTHING in between and I feel this subject deserves to be talked about and discussed.

So I was reading the newspaper when I came across a story that shocked me. A group of squatters have WON the legal right to live in some one elses house! The house in Islington which costs 1 million pounds and is owned by a father of two who was having the house refurbished for his family to happily live in. He comes back one day to find a group of Eastern European squatters living in it. What does our country do? NOTHING. The squatters were given legal aid and the right to stay.
What rights do they have? They have not paid taxes here, they do not work, so what gives them THE RIGHT?!

Another man, 72 year old George went to walk his dog one evening. He came home to find bags of his belongings on the street and the locks changed! A Lithuanian family had moved in and told George that the house was now theirs. What is in their mind to make them think that it is their house? It completely baffles me!

Another story I read was of a man who popped out to the shops. He realised he left his wallet at home so came back to collect it. As he returned, he found a Romanian couple and their small child MOVING IN!! All the cupboards were being emptied and the Romanian gentleman claimed he would be changing the locks and the owner must leave! The owner threatened to kidnap his young child if they did not leave! Is that what it comes down to? A man, scared in his own home has to threaten to kidnap their child just for them to leave? to be honest, I would probably have done the same!

In London, a group called the Advisory Service for Squatters runs a volunteer service helping squatters. It publishes the Squatters' Handbook and has drafted a legal warning to be used by squatters. In the late 1960s, the Family Squatters Advisory Service (FSAS) was founded in London, to help defend the rights of squatters.

The worst thing is that our Government do nothing about it. Squatters have legal rights. How this happens, I have no idea but it is ridiculous. There is nothing the police can even do. If I came home and found squatters in my house, I would run to the kitchen, get a knife and threaten them. But who would get put in prison? ME. Even though I was defending myself and my home, I would get done for having a weapon, to me that is absurd.

Surely something needs to be done in this kind of situation? How can these people get off a boat and move into someone elses house, I just do not understand. To be honest, I am all up for helping people and making their lives easier. They may have had a really tough life in Romania for example and want a better life so come here illegally, but when you start faking papers, squatting in some one elses house or stealing jobs from the thousands here who can't find one, that is when things become ludicrous and ridiculous!

I think our Government has become slightly corrupt and something must be done!

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