Thursday, November 4, 2010

WANTED: Eligible Bachelor for this lovely lady..

Hey Dolls,

Now, I know this is so different to my usual blogs but lets give it a shot!

Little Miss V is becoming a match maker!!

The above pictures are of my gorgeous friend Claudia. Claudia is bored of being single and thinks it is time to find a boyfriend, or at least a winter boyfriend, someone to snuggle with on these cold, winter nights.

Claudia is 21, a beauty therapist (she is great with her hands) and is very family oriented. She loves going out partying and has lots of friends. She has a big heart and is very caring. She loves gossip magazines but likes a good deep book as well. She likes romantic dinners and loves a good horror movie.

The kind of guy I would like to match Claudia with must be taller than her so about 5'8 and over. Preferably muscly or work out (she likes them fit) He needs to be funny and have a good sense of humour as Claudia is too a bit of a joker. He should be caring and warm, slightly sensitive but manly too. He must be employed (if you are unemployed please do not apply!) All in all, i want a nice, decent guy for my lovely girl friend.

If you think you have these qualities or know some one who does, get them to email me with a picture to and I will arrange a date!

Lotsa Love..

Little Miss V..xx