Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Love Is In The Air!? Or Maybe Not!!

Hi dolls!

How are we all..
Ok before you all say it, ill get to it first. IM AWFUL! I know I know. I should be blogging more often but the wonderful life of Moi just gets a bit exciting and I forget! Oh well, Im here now!!

So, I was talking to an old friend before (which was really nice) and he was telling me how much he loves my blogs (Thanks Scott!) We then got into a DEEP convo about relationships and love and how summer is here and love is going AWOL! So here I am now blogging about it.

I myself am single, to be honest, I like it that way. No dramas, no hassle, no break ups which then make me depressed and I eat every single bit of munch in my house!
But it seems to be this time of the year people are starting to break up!
3 friends of mine have just ended with their boyfriends in the space of two weeks and a friend of mine who is engaged ended it with his fiance!
Is there something in the air? Is it all these new weird bugs coming into the UK that are doing something to us? WHY IS EVERYBODY BREAKING UP?!

I remember when I was younger and would have a boyfriend for a few months but as soon as summer was coming up and I was going away abroad it would be bye bye boyfriend, hello foreign boys! Don't think im some sort of skank who wanted loads of different guys but when your young you want to have fun! Don't forget, when you go on holiday and meet a guy, its no strings attached! There are no questions and thinking about life plans with this person, its just time to enjoy someone you normally wouldn't and in a completely different surrounding with sun, sea, sand and ... ye, you know! Im still young so fun is...well... FUN, but is that what my friends want? Is that why they are all ending their relationships?

So here I am having an email conversation with one friend who just broke up with her boyfriend. I asked why and her reply was as follows.. "I am much better than he is and he does not treat me the way I should be treated!"
Ok, fair enough. As girls we feel we are Princesses and should be treated as such. All we really want is to be like the Princesses in the Disneys films! A bit of hard work here and there, some dwarfs and bad apples on the way, a bit of cleaning, an evil step mother and voila, there is Prince Charming!
Or maybe not. Not in this real life. I wont lie, I haven't met ONE decent guy in the past couple of years that has made me think "Ye, I could spend the rest of my life with him!" Ive met the ones which make me say "Pah, Im bored, why not!?" And that is wrong. So this has been the problem with my friends, they have been bored so have been settling for the irrelevances instead of waiting for the relevant men!

To be honest, at the end of the day, when summer comes, clearly a change of heart does as well. But ladies and gents, DO NOT end things with your partner just because you think you want to have fun! If you have some one in your life who makes you feel special and loved and wanted, don't ruin it for the 'Miguel' on holiday who you will never see again apart from on Facebook! There are a lot of fun things that you can do with your own partner.. go to Ann Summers and investigate! haha!

Well, thats all on that one dolls but dont forget you can ask me any queries at any time and im here to help answer!

Lots of love..

Little Miss V..xx