Friday, November 20, 2009

SA living for 3 weeks!

Hey guys,
Howz it?!
So, I've now been in South Africa for 3 weeks. Deffinately feels longer though. Since I last wrote I have been up to loads. We had the Cameroon staff xmas party where we went for dinner then went on to this great club FTV (Fashion TV). Was a great night and once again was totally paninied! Had to work on Friday which was hell, I was very delicate.
Then on Sat night it was the re-opening of a big club in Joburg called Taboo. My cousins, Friends and I were invited to the Pre VIP party at 8pm and then the club was to open to everyone else at 10.30. After doing 4 shots of vodka at my cousins house, we got to Taboo at 8.30. I was once again smashed. It was such a fab night though. There was even a tattoo stand inside and due to my drunkeness I nearly got one. Yet I didn't. Mother can breathe! We stayed until 2ish.
The next day was spent with 8 of my little cousins, 3 of the older ones and one aunt. Was a fun day. We went to the flea market then took the kids to the arcade. Kept them amused for hours.
Since then I have been working every day and seeing friends and family. At the moment Im ill which isnt fun but im gettin better.
Missing you all.
Please send me messages regarding anything..

Loves ya..

Little Miss V..xx