Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gotta love a random!!

Morning Friends,
So, last night I had the most awesome and random night. I was sat at home, bored so called my friend Amy to tell her we are doing a random night which she was well up for. Picked her up then we picked up our friend Lindsay.
We drove up to Central London with a big sing a long going on. We parked up in Soho Square and as we did, a tramp jumped on the bonnett of my car and we were all screaming. Got out and met up with Curtis, my friend who is in the theatre production of Hairspray. We then walked down SoHo to a Rock'n'Roll club which on the internet, had great reviews. We walked in there and as we did, it felt like we had changed era and gone into the 50's. Couples were dancing and swinging. Women were wearing small cardigans and skirts and the guys had side partings. I felt like I was in the scene in Pearl Harbour or A League Of Their Own where they are in that kind of dance club. Amy and I attempted to dance but people actually laughed at us so we left.
Curtis then left us and went home whilst Linds, Amy and I walked down Tottenham Court Road. We then decided to just walk!
We then ended up getting persuaded into going to a kareoke bar. We went in, sang a song and left!
We then ended up at the Trocadero where we played games and went on bumper cars. I have never laughed so much in my life going round and round in a circle!
We then left and walked through China Town. As we were walking through, I saw a boy who was in my year at high school. My friends and I started talking to him and he had the cheek to ask me to give him £20 and I hadn't even seen the boy for like 5 years!!
As we were walking back to the car we went into a corner shop to get a drink. Amy then had a fight with the owner and through her drink of the floor and walked out!
As we got back into the car, Lindsay started screaming (again) which then set us all off. I quickly locked my doors and looked to see what was going on! There was a man, sat on the curb just looking at us through the windows. We screamed and he didn't move. He was sat Lindsay's side but wasn't there before as she got in the car there. We drove off then turned around and he was gone. Then, driving down an empty street, there was a bang on my car yet no one in sight. He was most certainly a ghost! (Well, thats what we think)
Anyway, had a shaken up drive home but got home safe and sound.
All in all was such an awesome night!

Loves ya..

Little Miss V..xx