Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can Men And Women Really Just Be Friends??

Now, this is probably one of the toughest questions out there, and does any one actually know a real or even a good answer for this!?
I'm sure whilst reading this, you are thinking of a time you had with a guy, where you were friends, then something happened but the friendship either got stronger or weakened.
Personally, it has happened to me. Its happened to the best of us.

I have a best friend, we have been for years but there was always the "if" factor there. We always thought we would get married and have kids. That was until we actually got together and realised it wasn't meant to be, but now the friendship isn't as great either. It's always going to be one of more difficult situations in life.

I decided to ask my sister this question and she told me her friend is actually having this problem right now. They have been friends for years, like brother and sister even, but recently he has hinted that he feels more for her. She does not feel the same therefore does not want to bring up the subject because if he says that yes, he does feel more for her, this could be awkward.

If he really is her best friend, he has seen her at her worst. Slumbering around in PJ's, being depressed, first thing in the morning, sick as a dog and she has most likely farted in front of him. All this meaning she felt very comfortable around him. So this could only mean one thing if he does really like her....
Guys are attracted to our flaws!!!!!

Men dont believe we can just be friends but women do... men out there, is this true??