Sunday, April 26, 2009

tricks so that people will follow you - blandish is one of the most important capability that is required to make someone else will follow. This capability can be applied not only in the workplace, but also at home, or in other social life. You may not see all the people are given this ability, but actually can be blandish.

Persuasi learn the tricks, you also know when someone try to affect you. According to Jay White, the author in the fields, one of the biggest advantages that you will earn with this ability is, you will not lose money once you realize a sales staff pushing you to buy something that you do not need.

This is the nine tricks that you can apply to be able to inveigle and influence other people:

1. Bercermin with other people. Do this with fake hand movement, a body to the front or rear, or a variety of head movement and other arm. Sometimes we do so without conscious, but when you realize it, learn more. Some things to remember is that you have to do with the fine, and about a 2-4 second pause between the movements with your movement.

2. Scarcity. This is the most frequently performed of an ad. Opportunity to have something very interesting when the supply so limited. This will be useful for people who are in need, but more important, this is the method persuasi should diwaspadai. Stop, and consider how often you are affected by news that a single product are rare? If the product is scarce, there will be a lot of demand for goods is not it?

3. Reply to budi. When someone in our kindness, we often feel are required to do something for him. So, if you want someone to do something for you, you can give something good for first. In the home environment, for example, you could offer to lend cooking equipment, ladders, or any, visible to the neighbors who are in need. No matter when, or where you do, the key is respect existing relationships.

4. The time is right. People tend to agree or according to you when they feel the mental fatigue. Before you ask something to someone who might not be directly disetujuinya, try to wait until they have the opportunity to do something just because recessive. Meet him at home from the office wanted, and say what you want. Often the answer is, "Tomorrow deh, I do."

5. Harmony. This technique often used for sales staff. The salespeople will be served when your hands are negotiating. In mind most people, shake hands agreed means, do so with the prior agreement is reached, the sales have been seems to get a transaction that he want. A good way to do so on a day-to-day activities is to make someone act before they decide. For example, you invite a friend, roads, and you want to watch movies (although the friend is not want to). You can directly mengajaknya to the cinema while your friends are watching will make a decision or not.

6. Chat the liquid. While talking, we often use phrases such as "Mm ..." or "my purpose ..." and words that cause pause in the middle of speech. This is actually showing a sense we are less confident, that in itself make us less persuasive. If you believe what you say, other people will be easily tricked with anything you say.

7. Herd. We are all born into cohort. We often observe what others do before we act, because we need the revenues from other people. The simple, effective way to use this habit is to be a leader, make other people follow you. For example, you are attending the seminar, and choose to sit in the middle. Once the seminar begins, the MC ask the audience to fill the empty seat-benches in front. Nah, try to become the first person to lead other people to occupy these benches.

8. Benefit. Show other people what the benefits for them if the action you recommend this. However, note that what you submit. You must be something with the optimistic, encouraging, and exciting them. Pessimistic attitude and criticizing will not help. Try to remember how Obama won the election last year. The keyword is "Yes, we can!". Say bad things about other people, as John McCain, will not make people sympathetic. (Where ngomong emang sih, gw ga tau? can I do y biar gw tau)

9. Friends and authorities. We tend to follow akan or tricked by someone who is in a higher position. This is a good example for vigilant akan "attacks" that are persuasive made against you. On the other hand, be also a good way for you to do so on other people because you'll be surprised how easy to make people like you and get the power of your group.