Sunday, April 26, 2009

tips to get the source of ideas

Most egregious situations experienced by the author while his head is empty, blank, have no idea about what is wanted. Nanar eyes scan a page of paper or computer screen is plain white. The idea that had never expected drop. But actually there are many sources of ideas available around you. Maybe you just do not realize it and through. Well, in this paper there are several sources of the idea to explore your writing to.

1. Books, magazines and other print media
Go to your personal library, find books that interest you and read. Take a magazine, look at each article. Think about what you can create from the material that you read it. Stories, poems, articles on the Conference you can be there

2. Chat
Rumpian, chat or light-gathered gathered arisan fellow friend or relative can be a tremendous source of ideas. But not too involved atmosphere, saking asyiknya ngerumpi, you even forget the original purpose

3. Getting around
Exit your home temporarily. No need to clear. If you have money and can travel to exotic places is better. Even if not enough in your town. But now, use the journey the other way. If you usually drive time, this time try a ride public transportation. As much as possible do not go to the mall, go to the art market, galleries, museums, etc.. Note the unique people around you. You'll find ideas spread everywhere.

4. Community
If you want to write in a particular field, the best way is to join the community menekuni field. From discussions between the community members revealed akan problem, problems and solutions that you want to achieve. These ideas can be lifted.

5. Dream
Not all the dream time sleeping. But when you dream of any kind, it is likely that the content of the dream can become your story idea you rather be bothered to search for shaman tafsirnya.

6. Diari or journals
First be grateful if you diligently write diari or journal. Go back diari sheet, please read it again and find ideas that can be written.

7. Movies
Buy or borrow the film rental. Find a unique film that you watch are usually rare. Consider watching a film in the various competitions. Watch many times and think about what you can make from the film that you watch it.

8. Television
The definition television here, not impressions private television in Indonesia amburadul, that if I sinetronnya eyed and yell and cry not satisfied. But be happy if the cable television into your home (not the campaign), but there you can watch the Discovery Channel, or National Geographic Channel. They can be a source of information for you.

9. Music
Open the cassette or CD you have, read liriknya, resaPi while listening to music. Lyrics of a song can become an inspiring story

10. Internet
Internet is a source of information that is not utmost. Take time to explore a variety of information on the internet, just try not to lose.

In fact there are ideas everywhere. Ideas that appear when you are reflective, or jongkok in the bathroom (yes I can actually come from your unconscious, which arises from the accumulation of what you see, feel in day-to-day. Create a majority of the people, ideas do not come from the sky. So Furthermore, mendekatlah to the sources of ideas that have been mentioned above.

by. Didik Wijaya